Refund Policy

For the user who needs our help instead of DIY, there is no refund made, irrespective of whether you have used the service, have been satisfied with our service, or not.

For the ‘Auto-Install Free SSL’ premium (pro) version user or paid (premium) user of the PHP App ‘ Auto’, whose web hosting control panel is cPanel but still, our premium plugin is unable to do the automation and we’re unable to resolve the issue, we’ll issue a full refund if requested within 14 days of purchase (i.e., making a payment for our premium plugin). Before we issue a refund, you are required to contact our premium support and submit a request explaining what issues you are facing with our premium plugin & allow us reasonable time to fix the issues. We may request temporary access to your WordPress website’s admin dashboard and cPanel or web hosting or server or DNS provider to investigate and fix the issue, you must provide these login/access information; otherwise, you will not be eligible for the refund.

No refund will be given in case of inappropriate / invalid reasons including:

  • For multi-domain (5-sites and/or unlimited sites) license purchases, our pro plugin worked correctly on at least one website.
  • Just not willing to use the PRO plugin after purchasing it.
  • Found an alternative solution.
  • Incompatibility with any 3rd party plugin, theme, software, or services.
  • Upgrade & renewal purchases.
  • Repeated purchases even after the user is aware that, our premium plugin can’t do automation due to the limitations/restrictions of his/her web hosting server and/or web hosting provider.
  • Access to cPanel API is blocked and/or the SSL installation feature is disabled by your hosting provider.


(We strongly recommend you to contact your hosting provider before purchasing our pro plugin and make sure that cPanel API is not blocked and the SSL installation feature is enabled.)