A Let's Encrypt™ client (app) written in PHP

Complete automation of your Free SSL Certificates!

Get Free SSL Certificate renewed and installed in your sleep, literally!

Free PHP App Auto
$ 0
  • 20+ Minutes Required to Set Up
  • Advanced Level Technical Expertise Required
  • No Force HTTPS
  • Linux only
  • No Support (for Free)

Premium WordPress Plugin

Auto-Install Free SSL
$ 26
99 /year
Lifetime: $44.99
  • 1 Minute Required to Set Up
  • No Technical Expertise Required
  • Force HTTPS with a single click
  • Linux or Windows
  • Premium Support

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  1. Let's Encrypt™ ACME API version 2 supported.
  2. Browser-based installation and configuration.
  3. Option to issue one SSL certificate even before installing this client/app. This option appears if you access the installation page over an insecure connection (HTTP). This feature ensures that you don't need to enter database and login credentials on a "Not secure" page (from the very beginning).
  4. WildCard SSL certificates are available.
  5. Automatic installation of free SSL certificates on cPanel shared hosting.
  6. Let's Encrypt™ recommends renewing SSL certificates before 30 days of expiry. You have the option to change it.
  7. Save the free SSL certificate and private key above the document root directory (usually public_html) of your hosting.
  8. Custom name the directory where private keys and SSL certificates are kept secure.
  9. Choose SSL certificate key size as per your wish.
  10. The app stores all the confidential credentials (password/API secret) using the open SSL encryption.
  11. Add daily cron job with one click. You don't need to log in your web hosting control panel to set the cron job.
  12. Option to revoke SSL cert and change Let's Encrypt™ account key.
  13. To issue free wildcard SSL certificate, supported DNS service providers (to auto-set DNS TXT record) are cPanel, Godaddy, Cloudflare, and Namecheap. If your DNS service provider is other than these four, you need to set DNS TXT record manually. The app sends you an automated email with DNS TXT record details when required.
  14. After auto-set DNS TXT record, the app waits 2 minutes before sending challenges to the Let's Encrypt™ server for domain verification. If your DNS provider takes more than 2 minutes to propagates out, you have the option to make the app wait even more.
  15. If you set the DNS TXT record manually, ' Auto' waits until the TXT record propagates out. However, if your DNS service provider takes hours to propagate, some hosts may terminate the cron job. In that case, the app attempts the process on next run (i.e., the next day for a daily cron job). But, if you still face issues, we recommend choosing a non-wildcard SSL certificate for each sub-domain. You have an option for this.

Minimum System Requirements

Case 1: This app uses cPanel API to install free SSL certificates. So, if your web hosting control panel is NOT cPanel and you have an option to install SSL certificate, this app doesn’t install SSL automatically. However, you’ll be able to install the free SSL certificate yourself manually.

Case 2: If your web hosting control panel is cPanel but the SSL installation feature is DISABLED, you need to contact your hosting provider for SSL installation.

In either case, all the processes (Let’s Encrypt™ account registration, domain validation, issue or renew of free SSL certificate) are automated except the installation. You’ll receive an automated email if a free SSL certificate issued or renewed. The email contains the path details of the SSL certificate, private key, and CA bundle. You can install the SSL certificate yourself manually (for case 1) or with the help of your web hosting service provider (for case 2).

As a security best practice, we recommend not to download the SSL certificate, private key and CA bundle. Instead, please copy the path details from the automated email and send it to your web hosting service provider (for case 2).

Dependency: Auto has the dependency of the following package and uses composer for autoloading.

  1. registered-domain-libs (
  2. password_compat (
  3. hash_*() compat (

WordPress Plugin for SSL Certificate
'Auto-Install Free SSL'

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